Plant peonies properly

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Plant peonies properly

The peony is native to many gardens. In May and June it opens its often very large flowers and captivates with a real sea of ​​flowers. However you have to at the peony Take note of some tips when looking at them plant properly want.

Then the flower really does what it promises.

Tip 1:
Peonies are in the autumn set. Also young plants. They should not drive out too soon in the spring, that harms the plant. Watch the peony and, if necessary, cut it back if it squints out in February or March.

Tip 2:
Always put the peony in the ground at least 10 or better 15 centimeters deep. If planted too shallow, it often can not keep up and soon starts to take care of.

Tip 3:
Do not let the soil get too dry and protect the plant from the hot midday sun. Pour vigorously and enjoy the great flowers that make every garden so special.

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