Peonies - 2 tips

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Peonies like a sunny place

Who has peonies in the garden, which can be lucky, because these great flowers bring out really magnificent flowers. Here are 2 tips on how to care for your peonies.

Eye catcher in the garden
The peony is one of the spring flowering plants. Hence the name. With their striking, large flowers, they are an eye-catcher in any garden. If you too want to enjoy the beauty of peonies, then you should stick to our 2 tips for the care of peonies.

Peonies - 2 tips

  1. Peonies like a sunny spot and plenty of room to spread out. If they get too big, they can also be shared. That's what you should do in the fall. To do this, dig up the peony and divide it with the grave fork in the middle. Do not be surprised if she does not flower in the following year, then she needs this time-out, because she really does not like transplanting.
  2. Peonies impress with their large, filled flowers. But this also has the disadvantage that the flowers are very heavy and can easily bend. Here you should support the plant. This is best done with a flower ring that supports the plant.

By the way: If you also want to enjoy the flowers inside, then you can also cut off the flowers of the peonies and put them in a vase. You do that when the flowers are halfway up. Cut too early, the buds do not go on, too late, they are quickly withered.

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