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Wind, heavy rain or heavy flower heads can cause peonies to snap off. But a plant support can help here.

Peonies need a plant support

To care for peonies optimally, a green thumb alone is not always enough. The flowers of the magnificent plant eventually become so heavy that the perennial can no longer hold them. The result are hanging leaves and flower heads. In addition to the weight, however, sometimes weather influences such as storm or rain are responsible for the peony collapsing or worse, you have to collect the flowers from the ground. To avoid this, it is advisable to provide the peonies with plant supports.

Where do you get a support for peonies?

The easiest way to get support is to go to the hardware store, where there is a wide selection of different materials. If you have the choice, it is best to always rely on supports made of wood or metal (for example, available here), because they provide the Peony the best grip.

If you want to save money, you can also build a prop yourself. Just use wire and wooden sticks. Due to the flexible nature of bamboo is particularly good. Simply stick the rods in a circle around your plant, making sure that the rods are firmly anchored in the ground. Then wrap wire around the construction. Done is the self-built plant support.

How to attach the prop correctly

Tip 1 - Attach support in spring:

If you want to support your peonies, it is important to act proactively. In other words: always attach the support in spring when the shoots are not fully developed. This will allow your plant to grow into the support, giving it optimal support.

Tip 2 - Do not constrict the plant:

Do not narrow the plant too much, but leave enough space for it to develop freely. If the leaves are too close together, a lot of moisture accumulates on the peony. The perfect breeding ground for fungi and other diseases would be created. Apart from that cut the plant parts otherwise in strong winds in the support, which can lead to the kinking of branches and flowers.

Tip 3 - Fertilize the plant regularly:

Provide your peonies with well-rotted compost with Thomaskali in spring and August. While the phosphor it contains is important for plant flowering, potassium promotes the sugar and starch balance of peony. It develops a healthy and strong plant structure. A powerful plant does not need additional supports.

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