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Roast peppers is not really art. Nevertheless, it can sometimes happen that you e.g. becomes too brown. Not if you follow these instructions.

When roasting, tasty, fine toasted aromas are created

Peppers are not just full of healthy nutrients. They are even a real all-round talent. From them you can finally conjure up the most delicious dishes. For example, paprika soup or a paprika spread. But of course that's not all. You can also roast the peppers, for example. I guarantee you: once you have done that, you do not want to eat anything else. When searing a paprika, tasty, fine toasted aromas are created that make you want more. It is only important that you roast the vegetables properly. Otherwise, it can taste burnt quickly.

So you roast peppers properly

First of all, wash the peppers thoroughly. Then thoroughly dry with kitchen paper so that it does not splash later in the pan.

2 Then cut the desired amount of peppers into small strips, rings or bite-sized pieces. Before you do that, it may be important to know one thing: the roasting time of pods depends on their size. For example, rings and strips of larger peppers take about one to two minutes longer than the pieces of their smaller relatives.

Now add about one to two tablespoons of cooking oil to a large frying pan. Heat the oil for a few minutes over medium heat. Then the prepared pieces of pepper come to it. Do not go away from the stove! Now you have to stop at the pan and stir the pieces of pepper often, otherwise they will burn.

After about four to seven minutes, when the pieces of pepper are tender-crispy, they should be ready and have the perfect cooking point. Then you only have to taste the pieces with salt and pepper. The whole thing tastes delicious, too, if you fry some onions, garlic or herbs. With a little basil, for example, the whole thing gets a slightly Italian touch.

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