Grilling peppers - That's how it's done

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Meat is no longer just meat on the table. For example, grilled peppers that are not just vegetarians are very popular.

Peppers also taste great when grilled

Peppers are true all-rounders, because they can be prepared not only in very diverse ways, peppers are also still very healthy. Whether pickled, chutneyed or roasted - peppers always taste good.

Of course, like many other types of vegetables, peppers can also be barbecued. And that's not just popular with vegetarians. Even the little ones like the grilled variety.

So grill chilies properly

To grill peppers, you must first wash them well. Then it is advisable to divide the pods in two halves and to free them from the cores and the cuticle. In this way they are not only grilled more evenly, you can then eat the peppers immediately, without having to free them from the cores after grilling. Before you put the pieces of pepper on the grill, brush them well with butter or oil.

➤ Tip:

You can impale smaller pieces as well. How about with a pepper and onion meat skewer?

When grilling you must then exercise caution, because the pods are unfortunately only too fast to be dark or black. As a rule, two minutes are enough from each side to finish the vegetables.

A tasty alternative: grill peppers in aluminum foil

Of course, you can also wrap the peppers in aluminum foil. In the aluminum foil they will not darken so quickly and remain wonderfully juicy. In addition, you can marinate the vegetables in this way with a little oil and herbs. For example, sage, rosemary, thyme and oregano are suitable for this purpose. But also here: The pods before grilling always brush well with butter or oil.

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