Peppers, Peppers, Chili - Our variety tips for a profitable cultivation!

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The best varieties of peppers, hot peppers and chili here at a glance, put together for you. So you will find the right sharpness.

Peppers, Peppers, Chili - Our variety tips for a profitable cultivation!: tips

The cultivation of peppers in the home garden is now widespread. This is also where DIY stores and gardeners have adjusted and offer many different varieties. But paprika is not the same as paprika.

In most cases, the individual peppers differ according to:

  • Color (red, orange, yellow, green, purple, white)
  • Taste (inter alia, according to sharpness, sweetness, etc.)
  • Shape (pointed pepper, spherical shape, etc.).
  • Genus: sweet peppers, chili, hot peppers, peppers

tip: All pepper varieties have plenty of vitamin C throughout and should therefore be on every diet.

Sweet peppers - These varieties are top

Many types of peppers are often only suitable for cultivation in the greenhouse (eg block peppers). Which is why, when choosing a variety, attention must also be paid to the planned location.

  • Long sweetie
    local paprika from Thuringia, juicy fruits with sweetish taste.
  • Feher
    Hungarian paprika, which ripens early and is perfect for canning in the glass.
  • Indian pepper
    small, spicy pepper fruit.
  • Ference Tender
    red-fleshed variety, good yield.
  • Ariana
    orange paprika, sweet taste.
  • Giant sweet peppers
    robust variety whose fruits are good for grilling.
  • Czech goat horn
    spicy pointed pepper, thrives even in colder regions.
  • Purple pepper
    Sweet taste, large fruit formation, suitable for outdoor only conditionally.
  • early magic
    traditional variety with elongated fruiting
  • Purple Beauty
    dark purple sweet pepper, very juicy and aromatic in the taste.
  • Red Augsburg
    small, robust paprika fruit, which tolerates cooler climate well.
  • Sweet chocolate
    Traditional variety with sweetish taste, can be consumed in different stages of maturity green - brown - red.
  • Yolo Wonder
    Block paprika, which also thrives in the field.
  • California Wonder
    Block peppers for greenhouse cultivation.
  • Lampion peppers
    The red fruits grow in a peculiar, albeit highly decorative bell shape.

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Chili varieties - agitators in abundance

The actually native to South America chili also belong to the genus of pepper (Solanaceae) and are often praised in commerce as a particularly spicy fruit vegetables. Whereby on the market but also relatively mild varieties are offered.

Peppers, Peppers, Chili - Our variety tips for a profitable cultivation!: variety

  • Jalapeno
    probably the best known variety of chili, which can also be kept as a container plant.
  • White chili
    High-yielding variety, early ripening, mild to medium in taste.
  • Bresse
    traditional variety, which turns slowly from green to red and can be consumed in both variants.
  • Aji dulche Amarillo
    a very mild mild yellowish chili variety
  • Friggitello
    very spicy chilli, whose origin can be found in Italy, good yield.
  • peperoncino
    very small fructification (about 10 mm on average), especially popular for Mexican salads.
  • Sweet Cayenne
    The fruits, which grow up to 50 cm long, form the counterpart to the peperoncino and are due to their milder taste very good for direct consumption.
  • Beni Highland
    yellow, hot chili pepper with a light lemon taste.
  • Yellow fire kiss
    low-growing plant, which is excellent for the Kübelhaltung, sharp taste.
  • Ecuadorian Brown
    brown-red, extremely sharp fruits, very good crop yield, is also suitable for an attitude in the conservatory.
  • Habanero Amarillo
    gourd-like, sharp fruits in different color varieties, good yield.
  • Snake Chili
    probably the hottest variety ever.

tip: Chili fruits can be easily dried and then used as a spice. They should, however, be kept dry.

Pepperoni varieties in the overview

Pepperoni's are also among the pepper varieties and belong to almost every pizza, are canned and stuffed with sheep's cheese and refine the Italian salad. In addition to mild hot pepper varieties also flavored spicy are offered.

Peppers, Peppers, Chili - Our variety tips for a profitable cultivation!: cultivation

  • Thai Yellow
    yellow, aromatic-hot pepper variety, high-yielding plant, thrives very well in the conservatory.
  • Georgia White Pepper
    white pepper variety, also available with red and yellow fruits, extremely productive plant.
  • Lombardo
    green and red hot peppers, mild spicy taste, well suited for the planting of pots.
  • Joe's Long
    the variety with the longest, red pepperoni fruits (up to 30 cm long), very productive.
  • Orange Thai
    orange peperoni fruits, which are also very suitable for drying.
  • trunk
    yellow hot peppers, which is well suited for outdoor.

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