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Start sowing in March

If you would like to plant peppers or hot peppers in your own garden, you can either get young plants from the nursery or prefer your peppers.

Pull the pepper yourself
Of course, young plants from the nursery cost a lot more than pulling the plants themselves. If you want to do that, you should start early enough. The reason: Both peppers and hot peppers need at least three months to mature. Anyone who starts with this in May or June will also reap only very late and then usually sparingly. That's why you should start in March to prepare the sowing.

Prefer paprika
Sowing should be done as follows: Take seedlings or seed plates and sow the plants. You should make sure that a temperature of 28 degrees is not exceeded. The sowing depth is about one centimeter. You must now press the soil well and always keep it a little damp. But make sure that no waterlogging occurs, so that the earth does not start to mold. If the plants then cheekily look out of the earth and the first leaves have formed, then you can make the plants cooler: 20 degrees are optimal. From the beginning of May you can plant the seedlings in the vegetable patch.

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