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A wide field for creative flower lovers. In order to turn a colorful pots collection into a real pot garden, one should first be clear about which plants or which style should be the center of attention. An invaluable advantage of potted gardens is that they can be changed at any time. If you have seen enough of a variety or the plants are not very nice, is simply redesigned In this way, potted gardens remain in top shape throughout the year.


- highlight with dense pile -
Lantana camara - sonorous the name, happy the bright color rush, with which it - especially beautiful as a trunk - on the classic balcony scene.
special feature: Its magic lies in the color change during flowering orange buds soon open in yellow and dark red.
Maintenance: Hawaii and Africa are home to the convertible blizzard, so it's no wonder it prefers a full-sun, rain-sheltered location. Therefor it is not picky in matter substrate. The main thing is that there is enough water to keep the bale dry, and fertilizer every ten days until August.
Tip: The bucket should have half the diameter of the crown to secure water and nutrient replenishment.

Rose trees

- picturesque piece of jewelery -
Spherical stem roses - a sight to indulgence, the balcony and terrace to the fairytale dreamy Poeten Eckchen converts!
special feature: The variety "Claude Monet 'smells multifaceted, captivates with flamed flowers, which are painted as if with brushstrokes - in white and red, yellow and raspberry.
Maintenance: Nutrient-rich, well-aerated and slightly sour is the desired floor for the "Sleeping Beauty", a sunny, but not too hot little spot the ideal place.
Tip: The romantic woman likes to keep her crown in the wind, because a breezy spot helps to dry wet leaves, thus keeping her fungal attack from her pretty neck.


- the vine with the mega stars -
Simply heavenly, these Rankers! The Boulevard Clematis "Angalique" is smaller than its relatives, the Fassadenkletterer with only 100 cm in height, is therefore suitable for small balconies.
special feature: a dense dress of violet blue flower stars with 12 to 14 cm in diameter, from June to August enjoy!
Maintenance: The root area in the shade, the foliage in the sun - this is right at the top of the Waldreben wish list. The soil should be loose and permeable, as clematis tolerate no waterlogging.
Tip: A strong dose of organic fertilizer in spring gives her power for perennial flowering.


- the dreambluher for creative people -


A real insider tip for those who would like to see their balcony decoration grow and grow!
special feature: The hibiscus "Luna Blush", which means "blushing moon", flowers in its first year with dream flowers of up to 20 cm in diameter.
Maintenance: A lot of heat and evenly moist seed soil are the most important thing for germination. Thereafter, the giant hibiscus feels - he is up to 80 cm high - in a sunny, sheltered place well, later wishing light winter protection.
Tip: The germ shows up faster, you spoil the pots with the tropical climate of a ZimmergewÀchshÀuschens.


- Sun-hungry Climbing Star -
Pink views of Balkonien desired? Then the funnel flower from the "Sundaville Classic" breed in Créme-Pink is the first choice!
special feature: The record-ranker wants to go high, reaches 1.80 meters and conjures up about 25 of the most beautiful flowers during the summer until the first frost from each approach.
Maintenance: In a sunny spot she gets along with heat, sometimes with continuous rain and forgives - thanks to her memory roots - if she has forgotten about casting.
Tip: The Mandevilla is in great need of warmth and does not want to go outside until the middle of May, when temperatures have moderated moderately.


- the intoxicating blooming wonder -
Often tried, never did it work out with the flowering? Friends of this plant know how moody they sometimes hold back their flower blessing. The breeding 'Amethyst Falls' puts an end to the flower lottery.
particularity: The variety surprises with fragrant, long-lasting flowering in the first years - and into the autumn.
Maintenance: Frugal, the butterflies are content with unit earth and even humidity. Fertilizers until August are gladly taken.
Tip: Especially in spring, soak the wisteria sufficiently so that the flower buds are not repelled in drought.

angel's Trumpet

- the fragrant giant -

Angel trumpet - Brugmansia

One of the most popular potted plants - not least because many varieties smell beguiling, especially in the evening!
special feature: A very floriferous variety is the Datura suaveolens "Rosa." Unlike many of her conspecifics, it does not bloom in batches, but constantly opens new flowers until September.
Maintenance: A lot of water, a lot of fertilizer a not too draughty, sunny place and no fear of plant protection - that's the rule of thumb for attracting a mega Datura, as the plant is called.
Tip: The angel's trumpet is a real swallower - for this reason, the bucket should be as large as possible and relatively flat for better stability.


- colorful holiday ambassador -


Known as a sturdy standard planting of the Strada del Sol, the bucket classic on the local balcony will be a symbol for holidays and soul-dangling!
special feature: Shapes and colors are overwhelming - here everyone will find their favorite
Maintenance: Full sun is a must for the Mediterranean immigrants. If you also plant it in permeable, loamy-humus soil, add some lime and fertilize it with plenty of water and give it its best. Oleander is one of the few plants that constantly loves wet feet, water in the saucer.
Tip: Who protects him from rain, can look forward to immaculate foliage.

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