Implement shrubs - 4 tips how to do it right

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There are some things to consider when converting

It is not uncommon for you to make a redesign of the garden from time to time. Of course, that also means that one Convert perennials would like to design so new beds. If perennials should get a new place, then a bit of something to keep in mind so that they survive the move well. Here are 4 tips:

Tip 1: Choose the right time

Perennials should not be transferred before flowering or warm temperatures. Moist, cool days in autumn or spring offer the best opportunities.

Tip 2: Improve the soil

The bed in which the plants are relocated should be free of roots. An addition of mulch or fertilizer can not hurt.

Tip 3: Share perennials

If you divide the overgrown perennials, you have two advantages: on the one hand the plants grow faster, on the other you have more space in the bed.

Tip 4: Plant correctly

Move shrubs as fast as possible, do not leave them without soil for too long. Take care not to damage roots or tubers. Keep sufficient distance from neighboring plants and pour thoroughly, preferably with the mud.

So the perennials survive the move easily.

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