The perfect birdhouse for the garden

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With a bird house you make not only blue tit, blackbird, sparrow and Co. but also a real pleasure for yourself. Especially when it is freezing and snowing outside, the feathered friends appreciate a snack bar in the garden. As a thank you for the winter feeding you can enjoy a very special kind of "Piepshow".

But even the rest of the year, birds are happy with additional feeders as they suffer from food loss and shrinking habitats. In the year-round feeding and the feed of the season should be adjusted.

The perfect location for a bird house

So that the feathered friends do not become themselves a meal, the bird house should be placed in a dry and well-arranged place to protect it from possible predators such as cats and martens. Nearby trees and bushes serve the birdie as a retreat.

Requirements for the perfect birdhouse

Except for a few criteria, the bird house can be freely chosen in terms of design. The most important prerequisites for a good bird house are that the food stays dry and the birds can not kill their food. If these aspects are fulfilled, nothing stands in the way of a visually special design. Whether modern, hanging or rather classic: birdhouses are available for every taste.

The classic birdhouse

The classic birdhouse is mostly made of wood and can be easily integrated into any cottage garden, natural or hay garden. With a little skill, you can also build a classic bird house yourself.


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