Kakis harvest and store: How to do it right

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Whoever grows kakis for the first time, will not know all about the harvest. There is a lot to consider here. And you also have to know a lot about storage.

Kakis harvest and store

Many names for an interesting variety of fruit: Kaki, Kaki, Sharon fruit and Persimmon all come from the same genus. Sharon fruits grow on a refinement of the kaki tree. The other terms are the fruits produced by the original tree. The great thing: you can even grow kakis in your own garden! From September until the first frost you can then harvest delicious fruits. Although they are often still hard and taste bitter, in the house they ripen until they are soft and edible. Immature kakis can store in a cool place for several weeks to about three months.

Kakis from your own garden

The kaki tree looks decorative and bears fruit in late autumn. However, not immediately after planting. Some years can pass before the first harvest. At the age of three to four years, you can first put the kaki tree in the garden, because then he is no longer so sensitive to frost. At this time he still does not bear much fruit. In the next two to three years, the harvest but lush.

The right time for the harvest

In late summer, the tree throws off all the leaves. Only then does the harvest begin gradually. Depending on the variety, this is the case from September. For the trade Kakis are always picked in the immature state, because then they can be transported much better. If you have a kaki tree in the garden, it is beneficial if you also remove the fruits, as long as they are not yet soft. The reason: With ripe Kakis the stalk breaks out of the pulp, whereupon the fruits then spoil very fast. If you are not sure, cut off the stalk with scissors to keep the fruit healthy.

Kaki fruits are yellow-orange, orange or orange-red. As long as they are immature, they look fresh, crisp and appetizing. Just biting into it, as you would with a ripe apple, is not recommended. The pulp is still very hard and tastes quite bitter. On the tongue, it also leaves an unpleasant and furry feeling. This is due to the high proportion of tannins. That's why it's important that you let the fruits ripen.

Let kakis ripen

To make the fruits really edible and tasty, you have to let the kakis ripen. Well suited for this is a cool and slightly damp place. If you want to go fast, just add one or two ripe apples to the kakis. The apples emit the gas ethylene, which ripens the kaki fruits faster. When the pulp is soft, the tannins and bitter substances have disappeared. The shell gets stains and does not look very attractive anymore. But that does not matter, because the inside is very sweet and juicy.

By the way, you can eat the bowl because it contains the most nutrients. The pulp can also be spooned out. The consistency is often unusual for Kaki newcomers, because you can almost compare them with jelly. The taste of ripe kaki fruit convinces almost everyone.

Kakis store

Kakis should always be stored in a very cool place. To do this, lay each fruit individually with the stalk on top. Afterwards, it is important that you check the condition of the fruits from time to time, because when the ripeness is reached, kakis spoil very fast.

By the way, kakis can also be dried well. Simply lay the fruits in a warm place. They then shrink and become darker. The pulp remains juicy.

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