Rat control by ultrasound

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In many cases, an ultrasound device for expelling the rats is recommended. On the other hand, it is to be read from concrete expulsion attempts, they rather did not result in satisfying effects.
And on the websites of pest controllers, it can be read that the effectiveness of ultrasound equipment as a durable method of fighting has not been proven. On the side of a seller of an ultrasound device against mice, rats and other pests, the device is given the comment that animals are not equally sensitive, so it is possible that some animals are poor or unresponsive. Also, the seller can not verify the right location and the right application. Therefore, he could not guarantee the effectiveness of the device.
Most ultrasound devices are offered with medium power, but there are also devices with very high sound pressure (over 120 decibels). Users report that the devices should work (at least in martens, in rats, no positive experience reports are found), if only a strong sound pressure of at least 120 decibels is emitted. This is more than loud, comparable to a jackhammer for humans. People are advised that they should not be exposed to 120 decibels for more than 45 seconds a week if mental and physical harm is to be avoided with certainty. At 120 decibels, the pain threshold lies in humans, one of the devices considered sends with a sound pressure of 123 decibels.
Therefore, it can not be ruled out that this volume harms other animals that are also exposed to the ultrasound. More than two decades ago, a veterinary college said that an extremely annoying effect could not be ruled out for listeners if the device emitted frequencies in the hearing range or slightly above the hearing threshold. The frequency range of the devices distributed is 20 to 45 kilohertz (if indicated, which is not always the case), so besides the rats they are also for most domestic animals and animals desired in the garden (dogs, cats, rabbits, hedgehogs) Example) audible.
Also stable animals (cows, horses, sheep) hear the noise. Horses and goats are reported to be uneasy or hysterical with ultrasound noise. Also, possible effects on humans are not clear, the sounds are sometimes just outside our hearing (if at all, young people can often hear up to 20 kilohertz). Thus, ultrasound with high sound pressure does not seem to be the optimal solution, especially in densely populated areas this could be problematic.
With ultrasound devices of medium strength and a high frequency range, which are properly set up and used, the eviction of not yet fixed stocks would be conceivable.
Other rats without poison
The rat fight in the garden begins with the elimination of all food sources in the garden, which could attract rats. Put trashcans at the garden party too, so that guests do not dispose of their leftovers in unwanted places. That can be enough to attract neighborhood rats. These and other trash cans in the garden should either be inaccessible to rats or emptied daily.
In the case of smaller populations in rural areas that are not necessarily concerned about pathogens, it may also be attempted to drive away the rats. However, the home remedies you can use to fight rats in the garden must be carefully checked. Often they can cause dangerous environmental damage. Or they are agents that cause the rats to die painfully, such as the suggestion of mixing gypsum with delicacies in the rats, which then hardens in the stomach of the rats. This not only violates the Animal Welfare Act, which is usually not intended by you as the user. One possibility is the use of live traps for rats.
Incidentally, rat propagation in public roads can also be contained by proper behavior, especially in the handling of waste.

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