Pest control in the conservatory - 5 tips

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Plants in the conservatory are not as prone to pests as plants in the garden. When pest control in the winter garden, however, you must pay a lot.

Conservatory plants fight pests

Fight pests
Basically, you should regularly check your plants for pests. These include not only the plants in the garden, but also the plants on the terrace, in the greenhouse and in the conservatory. Especially in rooms where you are staying, you should not use chemical agents to control the pests. Here are five tips for you on how to combat the pests.

Pest control in the conservatory - 5 tips

  1. If you discover signs or mealybugs on their plants, then you can gently remove them with a sponge or an old toothbrush.
  2. No matter which pests you discover on the plants, if these prefer to settle on the shoot tips, then cut off the tips without further ado. They grow back quickly.
  3. You can catch white flies by using yellow boards.
  4. You can also spray leaf lice and scale insects. With a mixture of water, a little spirit and a spoonful of soft soap, the pests are wetted. These then dry out and fall off.
  5. Sometimes it is enough to treat the plants to a shower. As a result, the pests are rinsed.

If you use beneficials, then you should not use the measures just mentioned, because they endanger the beneficials.

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