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Snails in the garden

Fighting aphids, fighting aphids - this is how it works!

Aphids are probably the nightmares of any hobby gardener. Although the small red, black or green pests are an important source of food for other animals such as birds and ladybirds, but on the beloved plants on the windowsill, on the balcony or in the garden, they are a real pain.

Pests and diseases: garden

Build snail trap yourself

Snails are clearly among the undesirable in the garden residents, as they cause great damage both in a flower garden as well as in a vegetable garden. The small pests usually come to light in the evening and fall at night over the foliage of flowers and vegetables, whereby the plants usually wither away.

Pests and diseases: garden

Control woodworm - biological remedies and home remedies

If you find a woodworm in your wardrobe, a chest of drawers or in the roof beams, you should not put your hands in your lap. The little wolverines can, in a considerable amount of time, swallow up vast amounts of wood - and thus completely hollow out the infested object with its tunnels and feeding holes. It is not even particularly difficult to drive the unpleasant pest - you just have to know how.

Pests and diseases: fruit

Combat lice and mealybugs successfully

Small white woolen balls in the plants, which are almost reminiscent of lint, are often wool lice. These insects also known as lice are up to 10 mm long and have their name from the mostly white body hair or thorns, with which the animals are completely occupied.

Pests and diseases: diseases

Fighting woodlice - natural remedies and home remedies

Woodlice are often referred to as pests, but are quite useful animals, because they are the garbage disposal for everything dead. Because they feed on any kind of organic matter, they are constantly looking for rotten fruit or vegetable remains, hair, skin, nails, dander or wood.

Pests and diseases: diseases

Fight ants in the garden - proven home remedies and methods

In the article you will finally learn the truth about the ant control in the garden, which is sobering unspectacular, but also pleasingly easy.

Pests and diseases: pests

Worm fence: copper or plastic? Which helps effectively

A snail fence is a very effective snail fighting tool. You install the fence around the plants or beds that you want to protect. There are fences of various materials and sizes, with copper and plastic often being offered.

Pests and diseases: diseases

Get rid of snails in the garden - 9 effective home remedies

Snails can become a nuisance in the garden as they eat leaves of flowers and shrubs. Summer flowers can enter when attacked by a snail. There are several home remedies for snail control that are easy and successful to use.

Pests and diseases: fruit

Moss against snails - this is how moss extract helps in defense

With the first rays of sunshine in early spring, snail-feeding begins again for flower lovers and vegetable growers. Chemistry often wants to do without. Biological defense methods do not help against snails. But it looks different with moss. The home garden guide explains about this effective snail fight.

Pests and diseases: home

Fighting snails - these natural enemies eat them

Snails are the worst enemies of many gardeners. Despite fierce resistance with poison, fences and home remedies, the pests are increasing from year to year. However, more and more gardeners are changing their tactics and successfully fighting the molluscs with their natural predators.

Pests and diseases: plants

Recognizing and fighting stock pests - overview

Stock pests cause contamination of food, which can sometimes lead to serious health problems. Here it is important to protect stocks and to respond quickly in an infestation. The home garden guide explains how to identify and effectively combat storage pests.

Pests and diseases: pests

Miner moths fight - the best remedies + natural enemies

Minier moths belong to the butterflies family. The term used in botany is Gracillariidae. The moths belong to the butterflies family. You can cause great damage in the garden, but also in the apartment and are therefore fought.

Pests and diseases: garden

Shotgun disease - what to do against shotgun shots?

Shotgun in the garden? The fungal disease is so called because it eventually punctures the leaves. However, you should never experience this end stage, it is the final stage after a long season of unhindered spread. With our tips, you will not experience it, because meaningful fungal attack begins here too long before the first leaf spot.

Wasps - fight / control wasps or fight !?

Generally, the term wasp refers to an insect known as the true wasp from the subfamily of the wasp wasps. There are 61 species of this subfamily in the world, but only 11 species are found in Central Europe.

Vole control - fight voles successfully

Voles are among the most annoying pests for many hobby gardeners. Not only are they undermining sidewalk and stone slabs and leaving unsightly piles of earth on the lawn - the rodents are also targeting young trees and bedding plants.

Helix defense - Tips against snails

Snails in the garden can be extremely annoying. Eaten lettuce leaves are among the most common signs of their presence and have spoiled so many hobby gardener and some hobby gardener the joy of self-grown vegetables.

Combat spider mites sustainably

Spider mites can develop into gardens and greenhouses very quickly to an unpleasant and hardly to get to grips, among other things, because they are easily transmitted due to their low weight by draft, wind or fans.

Fight fruit flies and fruit flies successfully

What is commonly known as the fruit or fruit fly bears the well-sounding Latin name Drosophilidae and is also called Taufliege. While the general name of the fruit or fruit fly derives from its preference to settle mainly on rotting fruit or fermenting substances, the term Drosophila is due to the behavior of the small insect:

Cockroaches in the apartment

Cockroaches in the apartment are a nightmare for every resident and even the sight of these fast crawlies triggers a disgust in many people. But that's not enough - these animals also dangerous, because they are considered disease vectors and can also cause immense damage.

True downy mildew - recognize and fight

Real as well as downy mildew are fungal diseases that spread rapidly under optimal conditions throughout the garden and can affect almost all useful and ornamental plants.

Combat scale insects successfully

The louse is easily recognized by its large blackish or brown shield, which covers the entire animal. They almost always sit on the trunk and on the branches of plants and suck the sap from it.

White fly - Damage & combat

The white fly belongs to the family of the Schildläuse and is a plant pest. It becomes about 2 millimeters long and has a wing span of about 3 millimeters. Preferred "victims" of the white fly are, among others, the poinsettia, ferns, hibiscus, the industrious Lieschen, Pelargonium and primroses.

Slug pellets, snail venom - manufacturer and application

Slug snail slug removal is a clean and successful method of controlling snails. The well-known slug pell Ferramol * is a snail's poison, which is particularly gentle to nature and other animals.

Pests on lilies - recognize and combat

Beautiful lilies! Over 600 different varieties compete to make your garden a whole lot more gorgeous. Some of them were cultivated as ornamental plants thousands of years ago. Lilies not only beautify the garden, but also the living room as cut flowers - and in every color your mood demands.

Rats in the house - fighting

If you have rats in the garden, in the stable, in the barn or even in the house, then you should do something, and call the exterminator. The rats are harmful in two respects: on the one hand, they destroy valuable supplies and, on the other hand, they are disease carriers.

Moths, clothes moths - Detect and fight with parasitic wasps

Clothes moths can occur anywhere. Whether a household is clean or not has no bearing on that. Moths often come into the room through open windows. An attractant for male moths include the moth traps with pheromone.

Fight mole and sell it in the long term

For most people, moles represent ludicrous animals with many useful properties. However, some gardeners find it a hair-raising, when the lawn is decorated with countless molehills or the roots of the laboriously bred plants fall prey to the dig of the little animal.

List of native spiders - fight spiders

Some love them, others despise them. We're talking about spiders. Although almost all 1,000 native spider species are poisonous, they hardly harm humans. These can bite well, but usually only when spiders feel threatened and do not know further.

Fight cherry fruit flies - Build cherry fruit fly trap

Sweet cherries are not only interesting for people as a tasty fruit; The cherry fruit fly also feeds on the juice of the fruit and even lays its eggs in it. As a result, the cherries become inedible and the harvest can be significantly damaged.

Gray horse, gray pillar - that's how you fight it

In the garden and in the yard again and again unpleasant things appear that you would prefer not to have and which you then fight, such as lawn diseases, pests, wild animals that destroy the garden or even diseases.

Fight wireworms in the house and on potatoes

Wire worms pose a nuisance and a threat to the growth of crops in the home and garden. They prefer to eat in the roots of potatoes but also from carrots, turnips or lettuce. Understandably, it is in the interest of every garden owner to get rid of these unwanted guests as quickly as possible.


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