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Selling Mice Effectively - Ultrasound or Home Remedies - What Really Helps?

Mice can become a real problem for home and garden. The small rodents like to stay close to the humans, because there is food and a safe hiding place. But how can the mice be effectively distributed?

Pests, household pests and diseases: garden

Successfully combat meal mites

Flour mites are storage pests. They prefer to infuse flour, cereals and other dry, plant-based foods such as bran, barley, semolina, pasta, fish and bone meal, oil crops, medicinal plants, dried fruit and grass seeds. Often the flour mite occurs in grain warehouses, silos, mills and bakeries.

Pests, household pests and diseases: diseases

Grubs (Cockchafer) - Natural enemies & measures

Cockchafers are no big garden pests. They eat on the foliage of trees and bushes. The missing leaves are replaced by the trees in June again (Johannistrieb). Only when the beetles occur in large numbers, but which occurs only every four years, it can lead to the balding of whole forest sections and orchards.

Pests, household pests and diseases: plants

Fight mole cricket in the lawn

The mole cricket is also calledaardwolf designated. It's no coincidence that she has the name. The Werre feeds to a large extent on grubs, worms, snail eggs and other animal products. Herbalism does not spurn her, but individual animals do not do much harm.

Pests, household pests and diseases: pests

Leaf wasps, fight Tenthredinidae properly

The sawfly can become a plague in the garden with its voracious larvae. If you want to act against the insects with your love for nature without a chemical leg, you need a good eye and a little discipline. The leaf damage is quickly noticeable. And so the larvae in the individual stages can be collected relatively well.

Pests, household pests and diseases: household

Combat miner flies - biological agents

Miner flies can cause severe damage to plants and can be difficult to control. Nevertheless, chemicals should not be used because they aggravate the infestation in the long term.

Pests, household pests and diseases: them

Fight garden gadfly properly

The garden gull beetle is the largest grass pest. It comes, as well as May beetle, Junikäfer and dung beetle from the family of the Blatthornkäfer. The biggest damage is caused by the beetles from late July to mid-October. The females of the garden leaf beetle lay the eggs in the ground. About three weeks later, the larvae hatch. Only the larvae of the 2nd and 3rd instar eat grass roots. As a result of the erosion of the roots secondary damage due to lack of water usually occurs on the grasses. Especially newly created lawns and light, humus rich are haunted.

Pests, household pests and diseases: pests

Bugs fight in the garden - the best home remedies

Bugs are parasites on animal or plant. There are about 40,000 known species of them worldwide. One thousand of them live in Europe. Most species love warm and dry. They are mainly plant sucker. However, there are some predatory species or ectoparasites that suck blood like the bed bug.

Pests, household pests and diseases: plants

Successfully combat spider mites on roses

There are several types of spider mites that occur on roses. Most common is the so-called common or bean spider mite. It does not occur exclusively on roses, but also on many other plants. Worst of all, the pests spread in dry-warm conditions, they multiply in masses.

Pests, household pests and diseases: them

Woodlice in the apartment - causes and combat

You can not immediately see it, but woodlice or woodlice actually belong to the genus of Higher crayfish. They are herbivores and breathe mainly with gills. Who would have thought that? Nevertheless, the small animals like to draw close to humans. What can be done against woodlice in the house?

Pests, household pests and diseases: household

Design rat baits - what do rats like to eat?

Rats are considered a threat to your health because they can transmit disease. This also applies to food that is attacked by rats. Also in the garden they are unwanted guests.

Pests, household pests and diseases: garden

White flies against kohlrabi, kale, petunia

The white fly is a plague, especially when it occurs in masses. Whole swarms sometimes swirl around vegetables and flowers. White flies like to be found in greenhouses. They like tomatoes, cucumbers and all kinds of cabbage.

Pests, household pests and diseases: pests

Caterpillars fight - means against heavy infestation

When voracious caterpillars hunt over their own plants, a frightening damage picture can very quickly arise. At such moments, many plant friends immediately think of an imminent battle with chemical killers. An alternative to this massive invasion of nature are some measures that can stop the caterpillar plague on a natural basis.

Pests, household pests and diseases: diseases

Combat potato beetle naturally

Their yellow striped backs make them unmistakable: every hobby gardener has ever seen a Colorado beetle. Their bad reputation precedes them and should be a warning to us, because the damage the insects can do is enormous. In case of a case you want to be prepared. We inform about antidotes and measures.

Pests, household pests and diseases: garden

Get rid of maggots in organic waste and trash

Especially in the summer, when the days are warm, it often happens that you open the lid of organic waste and experienced a nasty surprise: In the bin teeming with small white maggots. What can be done to prevent such a plague?

Pests, household pests and diseases: household

To fight maggots in the bio bin and garbage bin

Waste separation is a fine thing especially in cities, but unfortunately it has drawbacks: because both in the bio and in the garbage bin, maggots feel so good. What can be done against this harassment?

Pests, household pests and diseases: them

Mehlkäfer: Wanted poster, development and control by means of traps

The flour beetle is one of the most common storage pests. The two-centimeter-long animals and their larvae - the "mealworms" - attack dry supplies such as flour and other cereal products in private households. Since flour beetles are considered disease carriers, you should fight them immediately.

Pests, household pests and diseases: them

Root lice: this is how you recognize and combat lice

Mealybugs sit on the plant and can be easily recognized. However, there is a subspecies, the so-called root lice, which can cause damage directly to the root of the plant. Unfortunately, discovering them to fight them is not easy.

Pests, household pests and diseases: plants

Fight ants in the house - what to do? Causes + 10 effective remedies

Ants impress with empathic intelligence, perfectly organized teamwork and high ecological relevance. These attributes, however, should not prove the insects in the house. This guide highlights common causes for uninvited guests and lists 10 effective ways to combat nature.

Pests, household pests and diseases: household

Fungal attack on plants - the most common fungi on houseplants

Mushrooms that cause disease in our plants are like sand on the sea. Some have specialized in certain host plants, while others are indiscriminate in host choice. Similar damage patterns further complicate the identification of the fungus. And that some plants are very popular with different mushrooms, infestation also does not really help. To better protect plants from the annoying pathogens, here are some of the most common fungi.

Pests, household pests and diseases: household

Combat lice and lice on cacti effectively

Wollläuse, also known as mealybugs, are among the pests that often occur in house plants in the winter months. Unfortunately, they do not stop at cacti. If action is not taken immediately, the cactus is often beyond saving. How to effectively combat lice against cacti, click here.

Combat flying ants in the house and garden


Visible maggots in the apartment are rather easy to fight against new "visit" but helps only the elimination of the causes - which you will come with the help of the article on the track.

Maggots in the kitchen - that helps with maggot infestation in the house


Getting rid of maggots is not a problem - avoiding their re-visits costs a bit of (thought-) work or home improvement. The article gives the appropriate suggestions.

Destroy ants - natural home remedies

If aggressive ant species multiply in your garden or even invade your home or apartment, you should respond quickly to locate the nest of pest spirits and render them harmless. Otherwise, their spread will take on uncontrollable proportions, so that they can only be destroyed by experts.

Leaf-spot disease and brown leaves

Leaf spots can occur on all plants. Everyone has already seen them on his houseplants. They can also be found on balcony and container plants, as well as on vegetables and fruit plants and on cereals. In ornamental plants, leaf spots are often a sign that the plant is not feeling well. Mostly it is due to errors in the care.


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