Pests in cherries - 2 tips

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Pests cherries tips

Cherries in their own garden are wonderful to look at in the spring with their beautiful cherry blossom and in the summer with delicious fruits especially like to see. So that stays that way, here are our tips if Pests in the cherries make wide.

  1. So is the infestation with top drought, a fungus, especially in sour cherries to find. The pathogens penetrate through the flower into the wood and damage flowers, leaves and shoots. Here should be cut up to ten inches in the healthy wood and the shoots are disposed of separately. If fruits are already infested, this is expressed in a white mold. These fruits like to fall to the ground by themselves. There, however, they should be picked up immediately to prevent it from spreading.
  2. Another pest in cherries is the aphid, which sucks the leaves. These dry up and roll together. There honeysuckle nestles and sticks everything. Again, you should generously cut the affected areas, which is on the ground, remove immediately.

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