Pet burial in the garden: You must pay attention

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In the case of pet burial, strict rules apply in the Federal Republic. By law, dead pets are to be sent to rendering plants so as not to endanger health and the environment through toxic substances that can be produced by decay.

Exception: Individual animals that have not died from a notifiable disease may be buried on their own grounds. The animal's body must be at least 50 centimeters high covered with soil, the drinking water must not be endangered and there must be no danger of infection of the dead animal.

Animal burial in the water reserve is not permitted

If the garden is located in a water reserve, the pet grave is not allowed on the property. Depending on the state, stricter rules apply (execution laws). Therefore, you should first ask the veterinarian and the local government for the local regulations. In the case of illegal carcass disposal, fines of up to € 15,000 are imminent.

Urn burial of deceased relatives in the garden?

Regarding the burial of human remains, the legislature is much stricter: Since the introduction of the Prussian general land law in 1794 there is a so-called cemetery compulsion in Germany. In the meantime, the funeral laws of the respective federal states apply. Thereafter, relatives of the deceased are not allowed to dispose of the corpse or ashes themselves of a deceased family member.
An exception is the burial in a cemetery, but also here are strict rules: So the urn must necessarily be transported by a funeral home and buried. Another exception is in Bremen: Since the beginning of the year, the burial of an urn or the scattering of ashes on certain private land and certain areas outside of cemeteries is allowed, but must be expelled from the city. In addition, the deceased must have his desire for a burial place outside the cemetery already in his lifetime written. Legislators want to make sure that the cheaper burial outside a cemetery is not based on the heirs' cost-consciousness.

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