Gasoline lawnmower with electric starter

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Gone are the days when you started sweating when you started the mower. The petrol engine of the Viking MB 545 VE comes from Briggs & Stratton, makes 3.5 hp and jumps thanks to an electric starter at the touch of a button. The energy for the "instart system", as Viking calls it, is provided by a removable lithium-ion battery, which is simply inserted into the motor housing to start the engine. For charging, the battery comes after mowing in an external charger.
The lawn mower with a cutting width of 43 centimeters also has a variable speed drive and is suitable for lawns up to 1,200 square meters. The grass catcher holds 60 liters, a level indicator indicates when the container is full. On request, the Viking MB 545 VE can be converted from a specialist dealer to a mulching mower. When mulching the grass is cut very small and remains on the lawn, where it acts as an additional fertilizer. Advantage: The disposal of the mown grass is eliminated when mulching.
The Viking MB 545 VE is available for about 1260 euros from specialist dealers. You can find a dealer near you on the Viking website.

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