Design planters made of Tetra-Paks - clever idea for mini herb garden & other plants

The Content Of The Article:

Herbs should not be missing in a good kitchen. Unfortunately, many think that because they have no garden, terrace or balcony, they have to do without it. Not correct. Even in a small space, herbs can be planted and put in the spotlight.

How easy it is, shows BLOOM's TV Deco & Lifestyle in the video above. They simply use empty Tetra Paks that everyone has at home. Once the vessels have been found, you only need to spice them up with cloth, paper, washi-tape or other craft materials. With this upcycling project, you can let your creative vein run free and create really beautiful individual planters.

And the best part? They not only have stylish planters for the mini-herb garden or other plants, but also save even more money. After all, planters are not exactly cheap in the trade.

Have fun crafting & designing !!!

My advice:

Not all herbs find in a flat the best conditions for a good growth. Therefore, use herbs that are relatively unpretentious and easy to care for. These include, for example, parsley and chives. Both spices do not necessarily need a lot of light and sometimes come out for several days without water. Basil, oregano and rosemary are also easy to clean. These herbs, however, need a lot of light. Therefore, a window seat is optimal.

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