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The planters from the series "Cursivo" convince with a modern yet timeless design. Therefore, they can be easily combined with a variety of furnishing styles. The integrated earth irrigation system from Lechuza with water level indicator, water reservoir and plant substrate enables optimum supply of the plants. Thanks to the color-neutral plant inserts with retractable handles, the plants can be changed quickly. The inserts can also be combined with other planters from Lechuza.
MEIN is giving away together with Lechuza seven sets of the series "Cursivo" worth 420 euros each. Each set consists of the following three vessels (each without plants): "Cursivo 30" (30x30x49 cm), "Cursivo 40" (40x40x67 cm) and "Cursivo 50" (50x50x94 cm). All three vessels are supplied with the appropriate plant inserts.

If you want to participate, you only have to fill in the form below by 31.01.2018 - you are already there.
Alternatively, you can also participate by mail. Write a postcard with the password "Lechuza" until 31.01.2018 to:
Burda Senator Verlag
Editorial MY
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The competition is closed!

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