Multiply phlox by division

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In the late autumn, at the time of the vegetation break, is the best time to multiply a phlox by division and thus rejuvenate the perennial. During their resting period, the perennial can cope with this measure very well and in November the soil is usually not frozen through. Depending on the weather, you may need to wait until spring before the soil thaws again.

Step by step: multiply phlox by division

Cut shoots

Raise perennial

Cut off dead shoots (left) and raise the perennial with the spade (right)

Cut the dead shoots about a hand's breadth above the ground. This not only facilitates the subsequent excavation and splitting of the plant, but after flowering is a recommended care for Phlox paniculata anyway. Use the spade to prick the soil around the shoots. Gently move the spade back and forth until you feel that the root ball is gradually getting better out of the ground. Lift the perennial with the spade. When the entire bale is removed from the ground, the perennial is ready for sharing. In our case the phlox is so big that you can get four plants out of it.

Share root balls

Cut root balls in half

Halve the root ball longitudinally with the spade (left). Then put the spade across and halve again (right)

Sharing is particularly easy with a narrow spade blade. Halve the stick first by pricking between the shoots and severing the root ball with some vigorous ground-breaking. Reposition the spade a second time and halve the bale across the two halves. The resulting neighborhoods are big enough to go through the next year.

Lift out pieces

Replant section

Remove pieces (left) and place in a new place (right)

All cuts are brought to their respective new place. Choose sunny locations with nutrient-rich soil. To prevent mildew or stalk nematode infestation, you should not plant a phlox at the original growth site for the next six years. If, nevertheless, a section remains there, replace the floor as a precaution. The planting hole at the new location will be chosen so that the phlox will not be pressed by neighboring plants and the leaves can dry well. Mix some compost under the excavation and water the young plant well.

Video Board: How to Divide Phlox Plants.

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