Phlox - A very undemanding plant

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Phlox - A very undemanding plant

phlox belongs in every garden. He is a very undemanding plantthat can spark a true sea of ​​flowers. Whether in the shade or in the sun, the phlox thrives almost everywhere.

Seeds scatter themselves
And in different colors. If you just let it grow, then it usually blooms from June / July. Then he makes seeds and spreads himself. If you do not want to and if you want to enjoy the beautiful flowers until autumn, you should cut off the flowers, even if they are just starting to bloom. This causes the phlox to put its power into new flower formation and so further in the leaf axils can arise.

Glorious bloom until October
This ensures that you often have beautiful phlox into October, while others are barely recognizable as such. Another advantage: if you cut off in time, the phlox will not grow seeds and will not be able to sow itself. Because the resulting young plants press each other over time.

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