Plant picking cauliflower - That's how it's done

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Today we would like to introduce you to something very special: Pfl├╝ck-cauliflower. You can grow this namely namely. on the balcony. You can read here how it works.

Picking cauliflower can be planted in the pot

After the demand for balcony plants and terraced plants has increased enormously in recent years, the resourceful gardening trade creates many breeding form old herbal plants.

This includes the picking cauliflower, whose little florets are the same number of times, so to speak portions flourish on each floor. And this with absolutely minimal care!

Of course, the practical picking cauliflower but also at any time in the greenhouse or in outdoor beds are planted (link tip: plant vegetables in the greenhouse - the crop rotation is important). Here we tell you how to do it.

Plant picking cauliflower - That's how it's done

Plant picking cauliflower

The Pfl├╝ck cauliflower prefers a sunny to minimal half shady location, which you can optimally ensure by planting the seeds in flower pots. Starting in February, you can prefer the seeds on the sunny window sill, at temperatures of up to a maximum of 20 degrees - ideally under glass. For this, you should push the individual seeds only slightly into a nutrient-rich seed sowing soil, then cover loosely with soil and germinate in the pots for about 2 weeks.

The sowing of the seed is possible until June - also directly on the balcony or the terrace, that is in the field. This in turn brings with it the advantage that the cauliflower can seasonally harvest longer fresh available.

Maintain picking cauliflower

" To water:

Pickling cauliflower should only be moderately watered if necessary. However, you must be careful that no waterlogging forms in the pots. The picking cauliflower should always dry easily, because that promotes the formation of cabbage!


Furthermore, the Pfl├╝ck cauliflower needs during the first growth phase once or twice a Volld├╝ngergabe. It is best to use a liquid fertilizer.

┬╗Remove discolored leaves:

When leaves of the cauliflower turn pale or brownish, you should cut them off immediately so as not to affect the further growth of the cabbage plant.

┬╗Fight pests:

Unfortunately, the picking cauliflower can be haunted by all typical cabbage pests. Especially the cabbage monkeys do it off and on (rarely) to create (link tip: fight pests - 5 natural means to combat). As soon as an infestation of the single pot is recognizable, you should neatly strip off the deposited eggs. Then you should protect all cabbages with a fine insect net, so as to avoid a spreading of existing pests largely.

Harvest picking cauliflower

From about the end of June to sometimes even the beginning of October (depending on the weather) you can then harvest your picking cauliflower. In doing so, you should remove the individual cabbage florets using a knife from the parent stock.

If you start early with a first crop, the picking cauliflower will drive more fresh side shoots.

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