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The garden is easily visible, because a privacy to the neighboring gardens is not available. The high white house wall is only insufficiently covered by the corkscrew pasture. Building material residues such as roof tiles and PVC pipes are also out of place. The garden corner can be transformed into a comfortable seat with the right plants.

Proposal 1: Opaque family garden

Hedges keep the eyes of the neighbors away. On the left a tree of life tree is planted, on the right side comes a red-leaved blood-beech hedge. In the protection of the dense green, the red pavilion on a wooden deck sets a beautiful viewpoint.

Family garden with sandbox gazebo

Our first design idea is a family garden that captures many different aspects

From here parents can watch their little ones playing in the sandpit and at the mini-pond in the zinc tub. The arbor elm on the far right invites you to hide with its large, overhanging crown. Around the sandpit, summer flowers such as nasturtium, marigold, sunflower and shell flower may unfold.
In addition to the arbor, wild roses are planted, which smell wonderful. The ground covering strawberry meadow 'Florika' covers the ground between roses and sandpit. On the other side of the arbor there is still room for a small vegetable garden. Gooseberry and redcurrant stems invite you to snack. Adjacent to the vegetable patch is a small perennial border with lavender, sun hat, ornamental sage, lady's mantle and sunflower. A pillar apple grows in the pot. A herb spiral is created on the remaining lawn and a white summer lilac attracts butterflies.

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