Cat plague - what to do? Neighbor's cats in the garden

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Neighbor's cat in the garden, what now? And if this fact turns into a cat plague, what can you do, how can you defend yourself, what can the garden owner do?
Neighbor's cat in the garden. Sometimes it helps if one takes heed the often well-meant advice of friends and stuffs his cat's metabolites in the mailbox. However, this rather aggressive action is less recommendable, if you want to live in peaceful neighborhood.
Cat plague - Neighbor's cat in the garden, a natural remedy is to undercut pepper. Cats do not like pepper. Then you should be careful not to have loose soil like freshly laid beds, this fact invites cats formally to use as a litter box. You can also buy a dog and let it run in the garden.
If neighbors are easily impressive cats, it is sufficient to lend a dog if you do not want to buy one. You can also lie down with pump guns on the wait. If you have pumped the cat a couple of times a load of water on the fur, so she will avoid the garden. Even lawn sprinklers, which are connected to a motion detector, work wonders.
Loose spots which cats have chosen to serve as a litter box can also be covered with bark mulch; only a few cats like it.
The piss off plant also helps. Then you should thoroughly search the garden, if not somewhere somewhere catnip stands, this attracts neighbor's cat magically.
Sometimes, an electrical device cat shock is recommended. This device sells cats by sounds. These sounds should not be audible to the human ear. Another way to physically respond to a neighbor's cat is by means of a fence through which neighbor's cat just can not get through.
In the pet trade cat defense sprays are available. However, these only last until the next heavy rain. Recommended for a cat plague - neighbor's cat in the garden is in any case an open and despite the plague positive communication with the corresponding neighbors.

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