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If you own a garden, you have to do with many activities that ultimately give us much pleasure. Already the care is a very nice occupation and connects us directly with nature. Unfortunately, it happens that situations occur that are not so enjoyable. I'm talking about diseases that can affect our plants and, if they are not noticed early enough, can cause significant damage.
In fruit plants, they can lead to the destruction of the entire crop, even trees are not safe from disease.
For example, an apple tree can be affected by apple scab, a disease characterized by the weather, which can be prevented by properly cutting back the branches, ie as preventative protection against diseases, so that the tree crown and the entire foliage can dry well after rain,
This mushroom species is very common among the apple trees. A similar fungal attack, there are also in pear trees, which can lead to a total failure, because in this fungus, the branches are affected. Mushrooms are in almost all cases the result of poor ventilation, so standing moisture. Sites with too little air movement and too dense foliage are in most cases the cause of these diseases.
Mushrooms also infect soil plants and vegetables. For example, the cabbage hernia is a fungus that infests cauliflower and kohlrabi. They are carried unnoticed by garden tools such as hoe or rake from one to the other bed. These fungal spores survive even the winter and become active again with increasing heat and humidity. Once the soil has been affected, no cabbage should be planted here for a few years and the soil should be freed from infestation by appropriate means.
The list of infected plants goes much further. Here are two examples of the entire garden should be sufficient to illustrate which diseases may be expected.

Plant diseases - diseases on plants: plant

Fight apple scab: spray against the fungus on the apple tree

Apple scab is the most common fungus in fruit trees. As soon as he shows up he has to be fought. The drugs of choice are sulfur solutions and fungicides, which are sprayed over a large area. What is there and what is important, is here.

Plant diseases - diseases on plants: fungus

Fighting ragweed - biological sprays

The curling disease is mostly observed, but also affects other stone fruit crops such as apricot or nectarine. The fungus 'Taphrina deformans' causes the curling of the foliage.

Plant diseases - diseases on plants: disease

Leaf diseases: bumps, brown spots & co on leaves from the wine

If the leaves of the grapevines suddenly discolor or even bulge, this is usually a sign of a disease of the plant. Read here which diseases you can recognize by changing the leaves!

Plant diseases - diseases on plants: diseases

Verticillium wilt - 9 medium and resistant species of woody plants

Dry leaves are not always a sign of lack of water. This can also be the Verticillium wilt responsible. It rages until the plant dies. Unfortunately there is no antidote. It is all the more important to protect his plants from infestation.

Plant diseases - diseases on plants: diseases

Combat shotgun disease - with these natural home remedies

The shotgun disease is not as bad as it sounds, because the shotgun mushroom "shoots" only if you let it pass for a long time. Even then, this fungus remains harmless than many other harmful fungus, because you get "Wilsonomyces carpophilus" (its current name) with natural home remedies (others call it "gardening") again and again under control.

Plant diseases - diseases on plants: disease

Fungal diseases on plants - Fungal infection detect and combat

Not every fungus is a fungal infection, not every fungal disease is worth a gray hair - with mushrooms one can (and must) live; In the article, you will learn how to put mushy mushrooms out of reach.

Plant diseases - diseases on plants: fungus

Preventing and combating carbon hernias - that helps

The article tells you why carbon hernia is not a reason to abstain from cultivating tasty cruciferous vegetables, how to prevent infestation with cabbage hernia and how to combat slime fungus biologically.

Valsa disease on cherries - cherry trees

Currant yellow leaves

You can imagine it: The leaf fall disease causes the leaves of the currant to fall off, the curling disease ruffles the leaves; the two of them were joined by a slash in the title, because there is a single hungry mushroom called "Drepanopeziza ribis" behind the curls and possibly leaves. Eventual leaf fall because you can prevent it well in the home garden; In the article you will learn how.

Boxwood diseases - recognize and fight

Wine vinepox mites

Vine mites are tiny, harmless and not very common; The rest of the wine pests you need in the home garden but not really to be afraid. The article gives an overview of the natural control that is possible with all typical grapevine pests with good chances of success.

Red spot disease in strawberries - this helps with brown spots on leaves

Bark tree trunk

When the tree bark is detached from the trunk, the gardener is justifiably worried: every little wound must at least be examined closely and sometimes examined more closely, since in addition to treatment of the wound, measures for the prevention of infection usually have to be taken.

Apple Scab - Fight scab fungi successfully with these products

Apple Scab - Malus

In the article you will learn how to combat apple scab and why it was only through modern commercial fruit growing to the "dreaded apple scab". As a result, scab fungi in the home garden can still be successfully controlled by natural means if control with pesticides is not desired.

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