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What do wild cherry, clove, lady's slipper and golden lady's hair moss have in common? Quite simply, they were voted plants of the year 2010. For years, certain plants that have been the center of attention for a year have been regularly selected. Some are very rare, others have an interesting history, some obscure legends, others are especially valuable.
Why choose the plants of the year? It's also quite simple for people to engage with them, to learn how to handle them, how to protect them, how to handle and nurture dangers.
Also you want to draw attention to the election of the particular endangerment and protection of these species.
Each selected crop should have an interesting cultural history. Some also require a proven medical history, such as the medicinal or medicinal plant of the year. The story must be proven and provable. Even less known plants are taken into account. So you want to bring the plants closer to the public.
The individual categories are appointed by different committees:

  • Tree of the Year - Board of Trustees Tree of the Year
  • Flower of the year - Stiftung Naturschutz Hamburg
  • Orchid of the year - working groups Native orchids
  • Mushroom of the year - German Society of Mycology
  • Moss of the Year - Bryologic-Lichenological Study Group for Central Europe
  • Medicinal Plant of the Year - NHV Theophrastus
  • Medicinal Plant of the Year - Studienkreis Development history of medicinal plants
  • Poisonous plant of the year - Special botanical garden Wandesbek (online vote)
  • Perennial of the Year - Bund Deutscher Staudengärtner
Many of the wild plants are endangered. We humans affect, reduce or destroy their habitat and thus their livelihood. The result is a decline in plant species. Conservation is therefore important and one of the greatest challenges of nature conservation.
We would like to give you an overview of the plants of the year 2010 on the following pages. Scroll through and inform yourself. Surely you will learn a lot of new things.

Video Board: 2018 National Plants of the Year.

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