Plant protection in November - 5 important tips

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Even in winter you have to pay attention to the crop protection. In November you should therefore check all your plants again for pests.

Plant protection November

Plant protection in November
Even if pests are not active, they can be contained or made sure that they do not spread in the spring. Here are 5 important tips:

  1. If you winterize the garden, pay attention to snail loops during soil cultivation and remove them.
  2. Voles are active throughout the year. In winter, fighting mice is more effective. There are special mouse baits in stores.
  3. Glue rings on trees should always be free of leaves, so that frost scrapers can not overcome the traps and reach the treetop.
  4. To prevent apple scab, you should always dispose of fall foliage. The apple scab winters namely prefers in the foliage.
  5. If you spot red spots on woody plants in winter, then you should remove the branches that have such points. This is namely the redpust fungus. This can, if it is not removed, continue to spread and infest the rest of the tree or bush.

Do not forget to regularly check potted plants that are in hibernation in the house, cellar or conservatory for pests.

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