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If you love to care for your flowers, you do not want to see them brown and dried up after your holiday. For irrigation of plants on vacation, there are some technical solutions. The crucial question, however, how many days or weeks they hold, you can not answer flat-rate. Too much depends on the weather, weather conditions, location, plant size and species.

Only out-of-home systems connected to the line provide unlimited water. For safety reasons, indoors only limited water reservoirs are used so that there is no water damage in the event of a defect.

pot irrigation

Gardena City Gardening Holiday Watering

Gardena City Gardening

The City Gardening holiday watering is suitable for pots

Up to 36 potted plants supplied by Gardena City Gardening holiday irrigation by means of pump and transformer with integrated timer. The water reservoir holds nine liters, but the pump can also be placed in a larger container. The irrigation system is also suitable for outdoor use.

Balconies with water storage

Balcony box with water storage

The Balconissima balcony box is also available in lime green and white

Boxes with water storage help over thirsty distances. The Balconissima system by Lechuza is strikingly simple: pots with a diameter of up to 12 centimeters are placed directly in the box. Wicks, which are put into the pots at the bottom, direct the water from the reservoir to the roots.

Leuchza Balconissima

Simple irrigation systems

Simple irrigation aids slowly release the water via clay cones. The supply lasts for days, with low consumption even weeks. If hoses are in play, no air bubbles may be trapped, otherwise the supply will be interrupted.

Blumat irrigation system

Blumat irrigation system Easy

The Blumat irrigation systems "Classic" (left) and "Easy" (right) provide your potted plants during the holiday season

The clay cone creates negative pressure when the soil dries out in the pot. Then water is sucked out of a container through the hose - a simple but proven principle. Bottle adapters are available for commercial plastic bottles from 0.25 to 2 liters in size. Due to the clay cone at the top, the water slowly gets continuously to the roots.

Blumat water dispenser XL

In electrical systems with drippers, the water quantities can usually be adjusted more or less individually. In the outdoor area, this can be quite well perfected by means of irrigation computers and humidity sensors - not only for holiday but also for permanent irrigation.

Water storage Bördy

Water storage Copa

The irrigation system Bördy (left) and Copa (right) from Scheurich emit the water from the reservoir via a clay cone

Using the same principle as the irrigation systems from Blumat, the Bördy water store from Scheurich works - but it looks so pretty that it can be permanently left as jewelry in the pot. Reminiscent of a sparkling glass of sparkling wine (Copa model by Scheurich) is available in various sizes up to 1 liter volume.

Intelligent holiday watering

Esotec Solar Water Drops

Irrigation computer Senso

Solar powered irrigation system from Esotec (left). The Kärcher irrigation computer (right) has two sensors for measuring soil moisture

Raised beds dry out faster than ground-level vegetable beds. The water supply can take over a solar-powered pump with time setting, which includes a set (Esotec Solar Water Drops) with 15 drippers. This allows the plants to be supplied independently of the power grid.
On an outdoor tap, you can install an automatic irrigation system that will permanently provide plants in beds or pots. The Kärcher Senso Timer 6 Irrigation Computer is networked with soil moisture sensors that stop watering when it has rained sufficiently.

Esotech Water Drops Irrigation System

Tips for vacation irrigation

Try irrigation systems before you go on vacation. This allows you to set the dropper correctly, to check whether water is flowing through all hoses, and to estimate the consumption better. Reduce the water consumption of the plants by removing them from the sun and shading them before leaving. This applies to both room and balcony plants. Water thoroughly before the holiday, but do not exaggerate: If the water in pots or saucers, rotting threatens rotting.

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