Flower pot in batik look

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As you know, trends always come back. Now the dive coloring - also known as batiks - has recaptured the world. The batik look does not only look great with clothes. Also, pots in this special D.I.Y. look make a lot. In order to help you get started with batiks, we show you in our crafting instructions how a boring container turns into a colorful planter. Have fun coloring!

For the Batik-style planter you need:

Required material for the batik look

Required material for the batik look

  • white cotton fabric
  • Planter / vessel, z. B. of metal
  • Bucket / bowl / glass bowl
  • trouser
  • Household gloves
  • Batik Color
  • dyeing salt
  • water
  • scissors
  • brush
  • glue

Step by step: This is how the planter gets the trendy batik look

Lay out the substrate with foil. Trim the cotton fabric. He should be as high as the planter, in length about ten inches wider than the pot circumference. Then the fabric is folded and stapled to a trouser hanger.


Put on the dye bath and partially immerse the cotton fabric

Now follow the instructions for use in the color bath. Moisten the fabric with clear water before dipping it in about two-thirds of the dye solution. In order to obtain two color depths with a gentle gradient, the fabric is lifted out of the dye bath after half the dyeing time (see photo above).

Stick on the fabric

Now you can stick the fabric on the desired vessel

After dyeing, gently rinse the fabric with clear water without discoloring the white areas. Let dry well, iron if necessary, then fix the fabric around with glue on the planter.

Tip: spice up old clay pot

Clay pot in batik look

You need this:

  • clay pot
  • Wall paint
  • Brush, sponge

How to do it:

First clean the old clay pot and paint it with white wall paint. Let everything dry well. Turn the pot upside down. The second color (here pink) is now dabbed from the top towards the edge of the pot with a sponge. Use less and less color in the white area, creating a nice transition. If you like, the color of the stool will be adjusted to the end.

Video Board: 6 Easy Clay Pot Makeovers.

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