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A flower trough is versatile. The variety of designs alone provides a good basis for letting the imagination play with the plants. A flower trough is suitable for the balcony or the terrace, looks good in the front yard, can serve as a border and much more.
There are no limits to the use and depending on the purpose you should choose the planting. Since you can build a flower trough yourself or purchase in the trade, even the size is individually selectable.
In spring, a flower trough, for example, in the front garden can serve as an eye-catcher with spring flowers. Many flowering plants such as tulips and daffodils get along well with the living conditions in the flower trough. It is even possible after the spring flowering season to leave their onions in the trough for the next year and to sow in them summer flowers that remain low, thus not penetrating too deep into the soil and their roots well after the season rot.
Strawberries or tomatoes are also very suitable for a flower trough. This is something other than flowers and for the physical well-being is also taken care of at the same time. Such plants continue to benefit from a flower trough also because they can better protect them against pests such as snails, by simply covering the flower trough at night.
A flower trough can always be planted and decorated according to the seasons. There are endless possibilities and the planting depends on the taste and creativity of the owner. One thing is certain: the flower trough gives everyone the chance to do their gardening.
Depending on the plant species used, you can use soil from your own garden or get the right mixture in the garden market or produce the substrate yourself.

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