Make concrete pots yourself

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Pots and other concrete garden and living decorations are the absolute trend this year. The reason: The simple material is very modern and easy to work with. These chic planters for small plants such as succulents, you can easily make yourself - and then spice it up with color accents.

You need these materials for the concrete planters

  • Empty milk cartons or similar containers
  • Creative concrete or ready-made cement for crafting
  • Seed pots (slightly smaller than the milk carton / container)
  • stones
  • Sheet metal in copper and suitable adhesive (mantle, coating varnish)

Step by step: make concrete pots yourself

Make Concrete Casserole yourself Step 1

Make concrete planter yourself Step 2

Cut the milk carton with a sharp knife or cutter (left) and fill in the cement (right)

Clean the milk carton or container and cut off the upper part with a cutter knife. Stir the cement so that it is relatively fluid, otherwise it will not fill evenly. First fill a small base a few centimeters high and then let it dry.

Make Concrete Cupping Bowl yourself Step 3

Concrete concrete pot make step 4

Fill the remaining cement into the cavity between the box and the culture container (left). If the cement has hardened slightly, remove the seed pot (right)

When the base has dried slightly, place the potting pot in and complain about it with the stones so that it does not slip out of the jar when filling in the remaining cement. Because the pot draws liquid from the cement, it softens and can easily be pulled out of the mold later on. After a while fill in the remaining cement and let it dry.

Remove the cement pot from the milk carton as soon as it is completely dry - drying can take several hours. Then apply laying milk or top coat to the pot on one side and let the glue dry for about 15 minutes (pay attention to the instructions for use). Finally, lay the leaf metal in copper piece by piece on the pot and smooth it - ready is the decorative planter, you can plant, for example, with mini succulents.

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