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The nationwide planting contest "We do something for bees" wants to motivate communities of all kinds to engage in fun for the bees, the biodiversity and thus for our future. Whether company colleagues or club members, whether kindergartens or sports clubs, everyone is allowed to participate. From private, school or corporate gardens to municipal parks - local plants should blossom everywhere!

The competition will take place from 1 April to 31 July 2018. Groups of all kinds can participate with their community actions; in the competition category "private gardens" also individuals. Photos and videos can be uploaded to the action page to participate in the campaign, since April 1, 2018, you can register. There, all interested bee enthusiasts will find detailed information about the competition as well as tips for bee-friendly gardening. A new edition of the guidebook booklet "Wir haben für beienen" ("We do something for bees"), which will be presented for a donation, will also be published at the start of the competition.

New edition of the nationwide plant competition

In the competition period, the main focus is on the planting of perennials and herbs and the creation of flowering meadows. But the creation of garden structures with reading stones or dead wood, water holes or rice piles, sand arias and other wild bee nesting aids is also awarded by the jury.
There is a great deal for contestants in the School and Kitty Gardens category: Registered competitor groups can contact the plant supplier LA'BIO! ask for free herbs and perennials. Discounted seeds of the manufacturer Rieger-Hofmann are to be obtained from the Foundation for Man and the Environment, especially for the respective region (after postal code) in which the planting campaign is to be carried out. Prerequisite: Voluntary plantings on (semi) public areas such as kita or school gardens, gardens of non-profit associations or communal areas.
Almost 200 groups with more than 2,500 people took part in the first competition in 2016/17 and transformed a total of approximately 35 hectares into a bee-friendly environment. The Foundation for Humans and the Environment hopes that there will be more people this year!

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