Plant cucumbers - you like it warm

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Pull the cucumbers in the heated conservatory

Do you like eating cucumbers? How about if you yourself grow cucumbers this year? What you should pay attention to here.

The cucumbers are too cold for us
The cucumber belongs to the cucurbitaceae family. And that comes originally from the tropical areas. This is also the reason why many hobby gardeners try to grow cucumbers, but often fail. The plants are just too cold for us. With young plants, which one can buy preferred with the gardener, that is still a little easier to accomplish.

Cucumbers need a uniform heat of about 22 degrees
However, if you want to sow your own cucumbers, you should not do it outdoors. For germination, a uniform heat of about 22 degrees Celsius is needed. It would be best if you prefer the cucumbers in the heated winter garden from the end of March until the beginning of May. There they can develop well and are fit for outdoors. It is best if you put a seed in a pot with a diameter of up to 10 centimeters. That's the best way to tell them. Refrain from repotting the plants as the cucumbers can not tolerate this.

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