Planting distance of strawberries, blackberries & raspberries

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Planting distance of strawberries, blackberries & raspberries: distance

So the room in the garden should be used as well as possible. An understandable idea, but it pays to stick to the right planting distance if you want to make a great harvest.

The right planting distance for strawberries

Strawberries grow herbaceous and bear their fruit near the ground, as the name "earth" berry tells us. From this growth form, there are already hints on the planting distance, if you let space between the rows of strawberries and between the individual plants also a little space, you will find the ripe strawberries just better later.
The optimal planting distance depends on which soil your strawberries are placed in and whether you want to cultivate the strawberries for only one year or several years. Because the strawberry needs a lot of nutrients to be able to form abundant fruits. The soil should therefore be well prepared in any case - a good supply of humus is very important. In which form does not matter. Many gardeners swear by manure, others achieve excellent results with an admixture of their own compost. These nutrients should be placed on the bed at least two weeks before the strawberries are planted. Then you should dig up the bed once deep, to planting the soil may now sit down.
Actually, the strawberry plant is a fairly persistent plant that can grow in one location for up to three years. The normal planting distance is about 60 cm between the rows and about 30 cm between the plants. The roots of the strawberries should be watered before planting. They are placed in a planting hole in which they have room without compression. After setting the strawberries, you should water vigorously. Strawberries should not dry out, especially in the first two weeks, so dry periods should be poured in the morning and in the evening.
If you have a well-humored soil for the strawberries and have only planned a one-year culture, you can certainly put the plants a little denser, you only have to have a better eye at harvest. The less nutrients are available in the soil and the longer you want to cultivate the strawberries, the more soil space you should provide to the strawberries if you want to benefit from them for more than a year.

The optimal planting distance for blackberries

Blackberries also have quite a nutritional requirement, which also affects the planting distance. The nutrient-poorer the soil is at the planned location, the more distance you should keep between the individual plants.

Brommbeere - Rubus sectio rubus

On average soil, the blackberries are juxtaposed at a distance of about three meters. Should a second row of blackberries be planned, this should be created two meters away. The plants develop along a trellis whose individual horizontal feet should be about 50 cm apart.
The blackberry is best kept in a sunny spot, but tolerates partial shade, but in full sun you will harvest the most aromatic blackberries. The soil should be thoroughly dug up before planting, a generous compost addition gives the plant a good start.
Blackberries can be planted year-round, but the best times are early spring with early growth and late summer when the days are just starting to get cooler. The root ball of the blackberry should be thoroughly watered and carefully loosened before insertion, after planting it should be slightly lower than the earth's surface. After planting the blackberries are thoroughly watered, but you should avoid waterlogging.

The best planting distance for raspberries

Raspberries should be planted in sunny locations. You can plant three raspberries on one meter. If you want to plant the raspberries in rows, you should leave at least 1.20 meters between the rows.

Raspberries - Rubus idaeus

Raspberries can be planted all year round when the soil is not frozen, in a neutral to slightly acidic and nutrient-rich soil. Before planting, loosen the soil and mix well with compost and some berry fertilizer. The root ball is watered, the upper edge of the root ball should be after planting at the level of the earth's surface. Then the framework for the raspberries is created.
Incidentally, there is a way to give yourself more space in your garden, which you can already admire in the gardens in some cities: the beds are simply upright, these vertical beds then form a kind of "planted wall". in the garden, where of course many more plants can be accommodated than on the ground.

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