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At the present time, the most varied shrubs are offered almost all year round. Depending on whether it is roots bare plants, bale or container goods, the planting times are set. These are important so that the plants are particularly easy to roots. The planting time should be adapted to their life rhythm.

Planting time for garlic - when is the best time?

Garlic must not be missing in any garden. Although it is not one of the herbs, but of herbs and medicinal plants, but it is simply indispensable.

When is the best planting time for trees? Information at the best time

There are many reasons to plant a tree, be it as a house tree, as a shade dispenser to harvest fruit or because of its very individual appearance. Trees offer a variety of design options and an unimagined biodiversity. The times when they are offered in the trade, usually also correspond to the planting times.

When do you plant hedges? The best planting season for hedge plants

Hedges have been used for years as a natural sight and wind protection or evergreen property boundary for home and garden. When it comes to building good privacy in a short time, high hedges are the most sought after. In addition, you have the choice between low-growing, evergreen, deciduous and flowering hedges, with partly different planting times.

When to plant lavender? The ideal planting time in spring / autumn

Originally located in the western Mediterranean, lavender has been developing its aromatic scent in local gardens for several centuries. Passionate hobby gardeners need to pay little attention to planting to enjoy the easy-to-cultivate bushes over many years.

Best planting time for herbs in the garden and on the balcony

Harvest-fresh herbs from own cultivation are unsurpassed in flavor and taste. The linchpin for a premium crop is choosing the optimal date to plant the young plants in the soil. The best planting time for herbs in the garden and on the balcony can be found out here.

When do you plant fruit trees? Tips for the best planting time

Who plants fruit trees in his garden, wants to do everything right. They will enrich and shape the garden for decades. Of course, they should as soon as possible and bear many fruits. In addition to the right choice of location, care and a professional cut, the planting time is also decisive.

Best planting time for roses in the garden and in the pot

As soon as you have finished the selection of your new roses, the site search and maybe even the tillage, the time has come to plant the roses. So that everything goes well with the plants, you should pay attention to the differences in the supply forms of the roses. The right planting time is crucial here.

Planting times for vegetables - what to sow in March, April and May?

Both sowing dates and planting times vary depending on the type of vegetable. In the garden one plants basically only after the Eisheiligen. If necessary, wait a bit longer in particularly cold locations. In March / April vegetables can be preferred and partially sown directly. In May, mainly seeded and planted directly.

Best planting time for table grapes and grapevines in the garden

Who has not dreamed of eating delicious table grapes from their own vineyards in the garden for the first and the same? The cultivation of grapevines is not limited to special locations along the sunny areas and rivers. In every garden, wine can be placed in a sunny spot. We explain how and when this happens best.

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