Protecting plants from falling - 2 tips

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Complain the pot with stones

If you have potted plants, e.g. to stand on the porch, then you know that you have to protect such plants from falling over.

Flower pots can fall over quickly
If you have a garden, you will probably also use flower pots, which are mostly used on the terrace. Also on the balcony these pots are gladly taken. But that can be a problem. Namely, if you have in the pots large and lush plants that offer the wind a large attack surface. Then it happens quite often that this simply blows over the plants and the pot. To avoid this, you can use two options. Just try the following two tips.

Protecting plants from falling - 2 tips

"Tip 1:
Tie the plants tight. That sounds easy, but it is not always. Because with a string you should not handle. This can cut into the trunk and injure the plant. That's why you should always take soft material. Suitable is for example Bast. In addition, you should protect the trunk with a piece of foam.

"Tip 2:
You can also weigh the pot with stones or place it in a larger planter, which is also filled with stones. This severity should be sufficient so that the wind can not overturn the plant so quickly.

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