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In itself, every plant is suitable for border planting, the question is rather, whether you want to create by a corresponding planting a privacy or not. Then quickly growing trees should be chosen, which are brought by the regular cut in the right shape.
Otherwise, smaller shrubs and flowers are suitable. For all plants, however, it is important that they do not spread out extremely, because otherwise it quickly comes to a dispute with the neighbors.
Hedges as boundary planting
As a border planting mainly hedges are used, which provide good visibility and noise protection and can replace the fence. Especially evergreen plants such as yew, boxwood or thuja are often used for this purpose. In the design of such a hedge plays mainly the shape of the cut a role, it can be rectangular, trapezoidal or oval cut. Usually hedges are cut rectangular, because this is the easiest. However, this has the disadvantage that the lower part can become bald quickly, because he no longer gets enough sunlight. Better is the trapezoidal or oval cut, because this also provides the lower parts of the plant with sufficient light.
Bamboo as a screen for the border
Bamboo gives the garden an Asian flair and grows very fast, so that after only a few years the stalks are up to several meters long. It is evergreen and therefore nice to look at even in winter. Most of the species that are sold in this country, tolerate short-term frost, but can also be covered with leaves or straw in the winter to protect them from the cold. Correspondingly cut, they can also be used as a hedge plant. However, as a border plant they should receive a root barrier because otherwise they spread too much underground.
Flowering shrubs also for the neighbors
Surely, the neighbor will be happy about a flower splendor, at the same time form smaller shrubs but also a border and a screen. For this purpose, there is a large selection of shrubs of different heights with flowers of different colors and shapes. The Fingerstrauch blooms bright yellow from June to October and reaches a height of up to 150 centimeters. It also tolerates full sun and dryness and can be cut back if necessary. The amethyst berry can be used as a low hedge, it blooms in June pink and develops thereby also small round fruits. White panicles in spring have up to 60 centimeters long dole-clusters with numerous snow-white flowers and are very undemanding in their care. They are up to two meters high.
In border planting, minimum distances to the property boundary, which are specified in the neighboring laws of the federal states, must be observed, especially in the case of high crops. One should stick to it, so that there is no trouble with the neighbors and you have to remove the plants at the end again.

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