Plants for the dry perennial garden

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The appearance of perennials in a sunny position is usually characterized by blue, violet and pink shades. The blue flower spikes of the fragrance nettle (Agastache) vie with the fragrant flower fullness of the white prairie candle (Gaura).

Yarrow yolks (Achillea) are a beautiful contrast to the blue flower candles of sage (Salvia nemorosa) or the wine-red flowers of the widow's flower (Knautia). The spurge plants (Euphorbia polychroma) have also grown to drought and literally glow in a fresh green. If you put stones between the plants and bring in a mulch layer of gravel or chippings, the bed will at the same time have a modern and natural character. Plots of this type are also referred to as steppe planting, rock garden or gravel garden.

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