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There are a variety of plants for the garden. When choosing one should be guided by your own taste, but check whether you can provide the appropriate locations. Also, you should inform yourself about the care, some plants are very caring.
Evergreen plants and trees provide even in the dreary season for splashes of color in the garden.
Most gardens have at least one tree and several shrubs, mostly shrubs. The selection is great. But you always have to consider the size of the garden. Popular for small gardens are so-called house trees that do not become too tall and overhanging, e.g. Maple, Columnal Hornbeam, Tulip Magnolia or Laubulme.
Shrubs there are also many different, pure ornamental shrubs, fruit bushes, bird protection shrubs and many more. When choosing, make sure that you have something green or blooming for every season.
Also important are flowering shrubs and bulbous or tuberous plants. First and foremost are the spring flowers such as snowdrops, tulips, daffodils, crocuses, anemones, imperial crowns and many more. But even the dahlias, which only reach their full bloom in late summer, belong to this group. In the case of perennials, coneflowers, upholstery phloxes, levoons, poppies, daylilies, peonies, irises, sunbeams, delphiniums and many more are especially convincing.
You can not only plant plants in beds, many are also good in pots and other planters. Typical balcony plants also look good in the garden and bring color and versatility.
In spring, the early-flowering bulbs convince in the garden. Then there are the then in flower standing fruit trees and shrubs. In addition, plants such as Forsythe, some broom species and magnolias are a real eye-catcher when they are in full bloom. In the flower beds grow pansies, red nettles, larch spores, cowbells, liverworts and primroses.
In the summer the bloom is by most trees. Now is the time of the flowering perennials such as Larkspur, Sun Bride, Prachtscharte, Phlox, Sun Hat, Girl's Eye, Hollyhock and Cockatoo. Also many grasses and heather flowers are blooming now. Most roses are now in full bloom and create a sea of ​​colors. Hibiscus, hydrangeas, dwarf scented lilac, butterfly lilac and many more are now blooming in the shrubs. Some shrubs and trees are already bringing fruits, mainly berries, but also plums, cherries and apples.
In winter, for example, the winter snowball, the witch hazel, the honeyberry, the winterling, Christmas roses and others bloom.

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