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Pflanzenforum auf Are you a hobby gardener? Then you know how many questions and fun can make a garden. The plant forum on offers its members the opportunity to ask questions and to learn new things about the handling of plants.
Before you can use the plant forum on, it is necessary to re-register. It is important to specify a username and password. If you have made some personal information, the activation is nothing more in the way. Each member is welcomed by the moderator in the forum and asked to introduce himself. The community in the plant forum is very large and so it is nice if you have at least a little idea of ​​who is involved.

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Another important subforum in the plant forum is the fruit and vegetable garden area. There you will find a special area that deals with the topic of tomatoes. On the whole, topics are discussed in the fruit and vegetable garden, which deal with the suppliers of sweet fruits and vitamin C as well as vegetables of all kinds. Problems with the potatoes? There would be the area where you can read smartly and ask open questions.
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Even lovers of perennials and climbing plants can live intensively in a separate area. Whether it is houseplants or the plants that tend to grow in the garden and give the house its beauty. Whatever your questions or maybe you want to help someone else with your knowledge. The tropical plants have a separate citrus plant section. Otherwise you will find space for all questions about tropical plants.
The plant forum on is not a lexicon but it grows and thrives on the many questions and answers asked and given by hobby gardeners to hobby gardeners. Many of the answers you can find here are based on your own experiences and that's what makes the forum so different and special. In this way you can learn things about his plants, which can otherwise be read only in books. The answers are quite simple. You just do not have the feeling to leaf through a dictionary, although the combined knowledge is very comprehensive. Due to the diversity that offers in general, it is not only suitable for hobby gardeners and those who want to be, but also for pet lovers, hobby aquarists and even for people who like to take advice from others and even like to give tips.

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