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If you do not have to go head over heels, you can take the right measures to supply your plants with water. Frequent travelers can start with the purchase, with the selection of the right plants. Physical considerations, water baths and lots of smart accessories can provide adequate water supply of domestic plants on vacation. Here are helpful tips for getting the water right without the help of neighbors and friends.
Luckily, there are several ways to provide your plants with water, depending on your desire and length of absence. This reduces the water requirement of the plants. Water reservoirs can be created so that the plants can draw their water as needed. The gardening retailer has plenty of accessories for this case. Even when you return, you can make up for something, or even save it if necessary. Last but not least, those who often and gladly travel away can start with the selection of their plants. For example, many succulent plants or palm species require very few watering.
water requirements
Before a stay of several days, the water requirement of the plants can be reduced:

  • Plants in full bloom need a lot of water: Unfortunately, the travel time often falls in the heyday of many plants. Therefore, it would be a radical, yet effective method to simply cut off the flowers of each plant before leaving.
  • Reduce the risk of evaporation To prevent the water from evaporating so quickly, place some mulch or gravel over the soil in the pots.
  • Plants in the blazing sun need a lot of water, so it makes sense to place the plants from the sunny window seat a bit farther into the middle of the room before you leave. If you have a light and slightly cooler place, you can reduce the water requirements of the plants considerably. Automatic shutters would be another option or a collection point on the north window. Of course, the location should not be too dark, because sufficient light is vital for plants.
stock water
There are several options to provide the plants with a supply of water for the duration of their absence. The aim of these methods is that the plants themselves can use their water as needed.
In a bright bathroom you can put the houseplants all in the bathtub. Before that you put the tub out for protection with a plastic wrap and put the plants in it. Now the tub is about 3 cm high filled with water. One day before departure, you can add some water on your departure day.
Even better: There are special mats in the trade, which can store a lot of water. If you place the clay pots on the watered mat there is no danger of over-watering the plants. A filling of the tub with granules is another method, so that the plants do not have to stand directly in the water.
For this purpose, a thick string of natural material from a water tank into the potting soil. Above that the plant pulls as much water as it needs. Natural wool with a high fat content (eg sheep's wool) is not suitable.
Watering with a bottle is one of the classics. For this you fill a 1 or 1.5 liter plastic bottle with water. Small holes are made in the lid. Now you put the bottle upside down in the potting soil. Holes are also pierced on the ground so that the water can run out. This method is best suited for window boxes and larger pots.
For a few days, depending on the plant, it may be enough to water once again before leaving, so that water stops in the planter. This method is really only for a short time. The water level should not exceed 1 cm in the planter.
Just a few days before departure, preparatory measures for irrigation can be carried out. These tips are particularly well suited for outdoor plants and for a few days' absence.
to water
In the last few days before the holiday, the plants are watered thoroughly. The earth can soak up water so well. That should then be enough for a few days to two weeks (depending on the plant).
Another option is to immerse the plant pots in water until no more air bubbles rise. That too may be enough for a few days.
The above actions become even more effective, by reducing the casting significantly earlier. This will encourage the plants to form more and more branched root system. Especially in large vessels and in the field, the plants can then get their water from the deeper layers for a long time.
Before the holiday you should clean the plants. That is, dead leaves and flowers are removed. The plants themselves are checked for infestation and diseases. While this is not directly related to water supply, dryness means additional stress for the plant. A healthy plant will be better able to cope with it.
For irrigation systems in the absence of the retailer has to offer a lot of accessories, sometimes even less practical.
ceramic cone
These are conical tubes that you fill with water and put in the ground. A hose connects a water tank to the cone and provides water replenishment as needed.
Water tank ball
The water storage ball works on the same system as the clay cone or water bottle. But sometimes it looks so pretty that you can use it when you're at home. A decorative glass ball sits on a thin tube. The ball is filled with water and put into the soil up to the root area. The plants are so evenly supplied with water.
Water storage box:
A water storage box is a system that can be used well for balcony and terrace. It consists of an outer box that serves as a water reservoir. In the inner container with the plant, a suction cone is set, from which the plants draw the required amount of water. This is usually added a water level gauge for control. For some, this is certainly also a useful system for the busy times between holidays.
Drip irrigation
Here again we have clay cones that are put into the earth. There are several. All are connected by hoses to a high tank. This system is suitable for terrace and balcony.
Micro-drip system
There are water pressure reducers to buy, which are connected to a tap. This is followed by a hose with small holes, which dispenses the water drop by drop into the bed or into the box. Also a solution for the outdoors.
Where much soil is visible in the beds, it can dry out quickly. Best with grass clippings, mulch or gravel cover.
Do not mow the lawn before you leave. If it lasts a little longer, it gives itself shade and the moisture does not evaporate so fast. Water again shortly before departure.
to water
In the absence of up to one week, it will be enough to water all the beds thoroughly before leaving.
First aid
If it nevertheless happens that a plant hangs sadly and completely withered in its pot after the holiday, it is necessary to act immediately:
  • first immerse the plant pot in water until no more bubbles rise
  • Cut the plant, one-third of the leaf area should be removed
It should even give plants that also recover beautifully during the holiday season, because they are not so often poured. In any case, there are plenty of measures and tools that can be used to bridge a longer dry spell well.

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