Plants in the conservatory - beds or pots?

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Beds or pots?

Do you have a conservatory? That's a great thing. But which plants feel comfortable in the conservatory?

Beds or pots? - What is better?
One would think that it would be easy to plant a conservatory. But even when deciding whether to use beds or pots, good advice is expensive. Both have advantages and disadvantages. If you are already a little more experienced in planting, you should get some beds. Who is still a beginner who gets pots.

Benefits of potted plants
The advantage with pots is that you can easily bring the plants out in case of illness or pest infestation, without infecting the others. Also, you can vary better with pots, they have no fixed place and can therefore always be arranged differently. However, plants that are in pots, usually have to be transplanted annually, otherwise the place is too narrow.

Beds in the conservatory
If you opt for beds, then you must know that the plants here are much larger than in pots. It's also a matter of irrigation. In the bed you can install an automatic irrigation system easier than in pots.

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