Remove plant shoots

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Remove plant shoots

We all certainly know the situation: you have a beautiful flowering bush that suddenly forms foothills. That is, next to the actual plant new shoots come to light, this plants foothills you have to remove.

Cut off the plant foothills near the ground
The shoots can grow at a distance of a few centimeters, or even one meter and more. What does the one who does not know? He is happy and lets the plant grow. But that's just the wrong thing! Such extensions should be cut close to the ground. Why? The plant is rooted underground and forms new shoots directly from the roots of the roots.

Draw new plants from the shoots
Those who let them grow will get a new plant, but will also prevent the main plant from developing. Because the power available to the plant is distributed, less force is put into the main plant. The result: It no longer grows sufficiently or has a scant flower. That's why just cut off the drive. However, you can dig it out, separate the root connection and raise it as a new plant.

Video Board: How and why to remove side shoots from tomatoes.

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