Repot plants in 8 steps

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Repot plants instructions

Repot plants wants to be learned, but can be relieved with some tips. Especially in autumn you should grant some plants new soil or a larger pot.

  1. Before you start, you should be sure that the plant needs to be repotted, otherwise you would probably only harm it.
  2. The pot should be slightly larger and already filled with a drainage layer, so that about one-tenth of the pot is covered with it.
  3. Then press the actual plant carefully and slowly out of its previous pot. It can help if you hit the ground with your flat hand to release it.
  4. Then the roots should be freed from the earth and dead roots can generally be removed.
  5. Then place the root ball in the center of the new pot and fill up with soil. However, the roots must have enough space on all sides, even downwards.
  6. The pot edges can then be filled with soil and then easily press them.
  7. After that, the plant returns to its old location and must be watered. So the earth can also lay between the roots, so that no cavities arise.
  8. About four weeks after repotting the plant should be fertilized again. In the usual potting fertilizer is already included, which is sufficient for the first few weeks.

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