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It is not only the gardener who can multiply plants.
Anyone who has their own garden knows how expensive plants can become over time. In addition, it is often the experience that the purchased plants are usually not so easy to handle. They are sensitive and enter now and then. This is annoying because you have to throw away tens of euros every year in this way. Therefore, it is nice that not only a trained gardener can multiply plants. This increase can be done in different ways.
Of course you can bring the cuttings in the flowerpot to the roots. It should be one-third sand and two-thirds peat in a flower pot and then bring the cuttings in the pot. Strained air favors the development and the roots of the cuttings. For this, a plastic bag is placed over the flower pot and provided with holes. If this bag starts, it is necessary to enlarge the holes. If you want to propagate plants yourself, you should inform in advance about the period in which this is the most successful.
Abmoosen is also a way to increase plants. For this, cuts are made from bottom to top in certain plants, with small matches placed in the wounds to prevent the shoot from growing back to the main plant. Then a root hormone and sphnagnum moss are applied and wrapped with a foil. This is fixed at the top and bottom. Packing prevents the wound from drying out. The leaves near the cut must be removed and the moss moistened from time to time. With this method one has often success in propagating plants. It should be noted, however, that there are far more opportunities to propagate plants and you should inform the respective plant genus, which is the possibility of propagation is most likely.

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