Plants that need little water

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Plants low water requirement

Climate change is often more than clear: the summers are getting drier, it is raining less and temperatures are rising. Even if you hardly believe that in the course of some summery months. Nevertheless, it is a fact, among many plants in the garden to suffer. But there are also Plants that need little water.

So that casting does not take the upper hand, casting can be reduced from the outset with just a few tricks.

Work the soil
First you should completely remove the weeds from the corresponding bed. Then work the soil. For heavy soils with gravel or grit, make the soil more permeable or if the soil contains too much sand, use bentonite (clay mineral powder).

Choose the right plants
But what matters most is the right plants that naturally require less water.

Woody plants that need little water
So you can fall back in the woods on summer lilac, summer gorse, willow bush or the beard flower.

Perennials that need little water
Among the perennials, ornamental, finch, yarrow, fat hen, honorary prize and also the aster and the perennial yellow-flowering common sun hat (Rudbeckia Fulgida Goldsturm) are recommended. With this selection, the garden looks nice for a long time, even without having to water every day.

Video Board: 24 Beautiful Plants that Need Very Less Water.

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