Plants that tolerate waterlogging

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Primroses tolerate waterlogging

If it comes to waterlogging in the garden, then there can be created great beds. All you have to do is know which plants tolerate the waterlogging and thrive there.

Smaller plants and medium-sized perennials
From the smaller varieties, which reach a height of up to 30 centimeters, are particularly suitable the Primel, the Schaumkraut and the Prachtnelke. Together, these three plants form a carpet of flowers from January to September. Medium-sized shrubs, which are between 30 and 120 centimeters, are, for example, meadowsweet, stork beak, Geiskraut, Trollblume, honorary prize, Indianernessel and the loosestrife. These perennials usually bloom between June and September.

Large plants and woody plants
If it is allowed to grow a bit, then you can plant a sun hat, which can grow up to two meters high. It blooms from August to October. Alternatively, trees can be planted, of course - or you can combine some plants with each other. The black alder, which even tolerates floods, deserves special mention. But the copper pear, the dogwood, the Pfaffenhütchen, the holly, the Ranunkelstrauch, the rowan and the snowball like moist soil and thrive there magnificently.

As you can see, there are some plants that tolerate waterlogging. So you can also beautifully plant beds in which it comes to waterlogging more often.

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