Plants with crazy fruits

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Plants with crazy fruits: very

Buddha's hand (Citrus medica var. Sarcodactylus)

This unusual type of lemon also becomes due to its shape Buddha's hand called. It comes from the northeast of India and is very aromatic. In China and Japan, they are used as air fresheners or to perfume textiles. The shell is very thick and is offered candied as candy. The pulp and the juice are rather sparse.

Plants with crazy fruits: crazy

Dragon fruit (Hylocereus undatus)

The Pitaya is a cactus fruit and is grown mainly in Vietnam, Nicaragua, China and Israel. It is now also available in our stores. The white flesh is interspersed with countless, tiny black seeds and has a mild-sour taste.

Plants with crazy fruits: crazy

Cow udder plant / nipple fruit (Solanum mammosum)

The name of this plant shows that a certain form often arouses associations. she will Solanum Mammosum or nipple fruit called. The fruits look like plastic and are about the size of a pear. This perennial nightshade plant can also be cultivated on the terrace in the tub.

Plants with crazy fruits: fruit

Water-nut (Trapa bicornis)

Hard to believe, but this one water chestnut grows exactly as it can be seen in the picture! It is related to the water chestnut and grows in China, Korea and Japan, where it is eaten cooked. The native in our latitudes water-nut species (Trapa natans) is threatened with extinction and is in 1987 in Germany under nature conservation.

Plants with crazy fruits: very

Liverwurst tree (Kigelia africana)

Of the sausage tree is found throughout Africa and produces fruits that are up to one meter long, which look like oversized sausages. They reach the proud weight of five to eight kilos. The locals use both fruits and bark and roots as remedies.

Plants with crazy fruits: very

Bird's eye bush / Saw-toothed cranberry (Ochna serrulata)

In English Ochna serrulata is also called "Mickey Mouse Plant" because of its funny fruits. Here's her name too Birdseye bush. The fruits are initially green and only gradually turn black. The Sawtoothed cranberry wears very pretty yellow flowers that make the plant one of the most popular flowers in Vietnam. It is mainly used for decoration during the Spring Festival "Tet".

Plants with crazy fruits: crazy

Virgin in the open (Nigella damascena)

The Virgin in the countryside belongs to the HahnenfußgewĂ€chsen and comes from Central Europe. The capsule fruit forms in this annual plant from the pollinated flowers. The annual garden flower needs to spread their seeds larger animals or wind. In earlier times, young women presented this flower to despised admirers to give them a basket.

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