Creating a playground in the garden - 3 ideas for creative parents

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If you want to create a playground in the garden, think carefully about what's possible from the square. Also the age of the child is to be considered.

Create a retreat in the garden

For gardeners with children, their own garden is the perfect place to let the kids play freely, informally and safely. The garden invites you to discover and hide. It is itself a colorful adventure playground, but can be transformed into a true children's paradise with little effort.

Romping and playing in the fresh air is not only fun, it's also healthy. A perfectly landscaped garden with many flower beds is hardly interesting for children, a child-friendly garden needs corners as well as open spaces. It is therefore always a good idea to divide the garden into different areas and to declare one of them a "kindergarten", where it does not matter if the ball lands in the bed or the children realize themselves with a shovel and a bucket.

Which playground ideas are possible in the garden?

  • free areas to catch or play ball
  • Sports equipment such as trampoline or gates
  • a play tent, tree or play house
  • Play equipment such as swing or sandbox.

What you ultimately implement depends on the age and interests of the children and your own budget. Many ideas can also be realized cost-effectively.

1. Create a retreat in the garden

Who, as a child, did not dream of having their own tree house, where they can retreat from curious parents? Realize this dream for your children. There are two options for this. Either you build a tree house after a manual yourself, or you get a kit in the hardware store. Both require manual skill and a sufficiently large tree. In addition, a tree house is quite labor-intensive and cost-intensive, and you must absolutely observe certain safety precautions.

➩ The tree house alternative:

Clearly simpler is the variant playhouse, a kind of tent house, that one builds not on the tree, but on the ground. Especially for smaller children, this form is recommended. Also for this there are kits. By mounting on the floor, the house can be extended at any time to a terrace or other playground equipment, such as a slide or a climbing frame. Particularly cost is a play tent, as one finds it in vertbaudet. Even though it is not as stable as a wooden house, a play tent fulfills its function as a retreat and offers space for 2 to 4 children, depending on the age. The practical drarn, you simply take the playhouse into the nursery in winter. The little house is suitable for children from 2 years old.

2. No garden playground without playground equipment

Of course, playground equipment is not missing on a playground in the garden. They are available in different price ranges, so there is something for every purse. When purchasing, but you should consider the age of the children.

For small and kindergarten children, the sandbox is the classic for a good reason. Playing in the sand gives the children a lot of fun and at the same time demands creativity and fine motor skills. In addition, building a sandcastle does not always require an adult to sit there directly as a supervisor. In addition to permanently installed models made of wood, there are inexpensive and mobile plastic sandboxes. The important thing is that you can cover the box to protect the sand from contamination, especially cat droppings.

➮ For artisanal parents: Here is a guide to build the sandbox itself

For older children it may be a bit more. The "big ones" want to move and let off steam. For this purpose, multi-game equipment such as play towers with slide and swing to offer.

If you do not have the space, you can of course set up individual play equipment.

  • seesaw
  • climbing frame
  • climbing wall

  • Rope ladder or rope
  • Swing
  • slide

3. Allow enough open space to be exhausted

Creating a playground in the garden - ideas for creative parents

Please do not place the entire garden with play equipment. Keep in mind that your children also need an open space where they can just frolic. Especially older children like to play ball sports, such as football or badminton, for which you need space. Who has a lot of space in the garden, can also set up a trampoline. It is the current trend sports equipment for the garden. It is important that the trampoline has been tested for safety by a recognized test center (eg TÜV or GS tested) and that it is not loaded with more persons than specified by the manufacturer. Similarly, a net should be stretched around to prevent falls.

Before you create a playground in the garden, think about the following:

  • How old is my child / children?
  • How much square foot do I have available?
  • Which devices can I set up?
  • What can I build myself?
  • What is my budget?

Design the playground in the garden exactly to your possibilities.It is not important to have a large number of play equipment, but a gaming paradise optimally designed for your child / children.

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